Essay on Larger than Life: Zachary Steven Later

Essay on Larger than Life: Zachary Steven Later

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Zachary Steven Later, 66, recently of Provo, Utah, passed away on Friday December 13, 2061 while serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in a small village in Zambia, Africa. His death occurred as a result of his determination to assist the local members of the church. While attempting to milk a 5,000 pound female elephant without knowing the exact technique required, Zach aggravated the animal resulting in him getting kicked in the head and sat upon by the extremely heavy beast. He was killed instantly. His wife returned his compressed remains home inside her carry-on luggage.
Zach was born on December 8, 1995 in Blackfoot, Idaho. He was raised near all of his extended family making for “great times with great people” and “a fantastic childhood with unforgettable memories.” Zach graduated from Blackfoot High School where he was a successful student and baseball player.
After high school, Zach chose to serve as a full time missionary for the LDS church. He served his first mission in a remote village in Zimbabwe, Africa. He was the one the fir...

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