Essay about Large Social Programs Called Misiones

Essay about Large Social Programs Called Misiones

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Large social programs called “Misiones” were implemented to deliver basic services and transfer resources to previously excluded parts of the population. Economic growth and redistribution policies led to a reduction or significant decline in poverty, from 50 percent in 1998 to 30 percent by 2013. Inequality was also decreased but the collapse in international oil prices, along with macro and microeconomic policies have significantly affected Venezuela’s performance, thus fueling economic crisis. In the short and medium term Venezuela faces major financial needs with fiscal deficit estimated at 20 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).
The government economic policies continued to face problems. The currency control has created a corrupting system and this in itself was an incentive for corruption. It created disincentives for production and incentives for purchasing, hoarding and reselling the scarce goods at high prices. This give rise to shortages of domestic products from basics such as flour, toilet paper to manufactured products and this shortage of goods is being felt throughout all sectors of the economy. Different parts of the economy is affected and impacted more negatively. The poor with limited purchasing power was vastly impacted by the lack of capital to purchase goods from stores in the wealthier parts of the country. Those with the means to do so have no problem getting by. During these times of economic crunch the government imposed rationing which in turn led to scarcity and impacted the lives of all the citizens (Raul Gallegos).
The strict price controls, where prices were set below the market price, helped to fuel stagflation leading to one of the highest inflation rates in the world with sporad...

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...te to pursue its mandate even though popular referendum was held on crucial elements of the Bolivian Revolution. The central tenet of the opposition was that even though the government was elected democratically, the administration used authoritarian means to pursue its programs and as a result it was illegitimate, the program was void and the government needed to be replaced. Opponents cited the policy making procedures and political approach as evidence substantiating the authoritarian thesis that they had developed and which they used to deny the legitimacy of the government.
After years of political partisanship the policy of politicizing the judiciary, originally intended to build a country’s confidence in the political and legal system, had dire ramifications for justice and the rule of law in Venezuela. Corruption was rife due to lack of bipartisanship and

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