Large Scale Networks for Communities Essay

Large Scale Networks for Communities Essay

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Large Scale Networks for Communities

Large Scale Networks for Communities
The technology of large scale community networks is no longer new, yet the feasibility of such a project is often daunting. The core areas of concern when developing a large scale network (LSN) are Traffic, Topology, Routing, and Control. Some examples of current LSN’s are School Networks, Research and Education Networks, E-Government Networks, Health Networks, Enterprise Networks, Overlay Networks like P2P service delivery and social-techno networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin). (Cite) LSN’s must be reliable, secure, manageable, optimally provisioned and extensible to keep up with the growth of technology both beneficial and potential threats. We will delve into the past perceptions of the state of the internet provider and why the idea of large scale local networks had such an appeal. The Internet has become a gold mine for new, exciting and challenging mathematical problems, where scale, complexity, and dynamic play key roles. We will determine the potential marketability and also inevitable growing pains that would come from the endeavor.
Over the past decade, the transition to broadband was bigger than expected and happened faster than most people expected. There was a time when someone would mention being able to receive computer files through the local cable box; at the time this was thought to be approximately 20 years away in time. No single access technology has been dominant but cable modem and DSL technologies currently are the front runners and are expected to maintain their leadership role. Execution, bundling, customer service, and billing will be more important than the access technology. At the turn of the century broadband wa...

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...ntage of communities such as residential, medical parks, and education communities. (Cite)
The technology is much more stable than it was in the 1990’s and protection is keeping pace with the ever present threats. The technology is not new, but the idea is still very sound. The challenging mathematical problems, development of the scale, complexity, and dynamics are the things that have created the Internet we now know. The potential for bottlenecks and other hurdles will always be present; however, the ability for a small community to reduce the cost and create a virtual meeting lodge is very realistic and attainable.


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