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Languages And Symbols, Motifs And Themes Essay

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The Novel is fictional prose which creatively deals with the human tendency by portraying characters in a sequential order. It is a plot which is unfolded by speech, action and thoughts of a variety of characters. It is a mimic of real life. To give it the effect of realism; language, motif, symbols and themes play a major role. The complexity or efficiency of the novel can be depicted through the writing style adapted by the author. The language and writing style of the novel is used to show a novel 's artistic merits and worth. It also flaunts the vocabulary of the novelist. The style of writing of the novel enable the reader to look narrowly at the at various literary devices used and also helps to understand the characters crafted in the story. The appropriate writing style adds texture to the story and keeps the reader hooked to the story. Moreover sentence construction also plays a prominent role in depicting the theme of the novel. The complex sentences with the original language are generally observed in literary fiction while the Thrillers display shorter, more efficient sentences, especially as the pace tend to quicken in the novel.

When we read the novel, we observe that the author generally leaves his sentences incomplete, hanging with words like "and all" and "or anything." This is a clever tactic used by the author to project the apprehension or uncertainty or in the minds of the characters. Also those phrases are used to expand many of the feelings which could not be expressed or actions like "... how my parents were occupied and all before they had me" or "...they 're nice and all." But sometimes there is no significance to the expressions as in "...was in the Revolutionar...

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... fact, Holden has not changed at all over the course of the story.
Sadness permeates novel. Main character Holden Caulfield finds nearly everything depressing, from receiving gifts to hearing people say "please." The conclusion drawn, however, is that isolation and alienation from others is the greatest source of unhappiness. The difficulty comes from the fact that escaping this isolation is a battle in itself – one that can often be, unfortunately, quite depressing.
The narrator of The Catcher in the Rye is an adolescent obsessed with saving children from the dirtiness he sees in the adult world. The novel deals with innocence in many forms, but focuses often on the sexual phase because the narrator sees sex in any form as dirty, he feels the need to sequester children (and himself, somewhat) from it, instead of easing into it as a natural step to becoming an adult.

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