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Language Test Analysis Essay

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Language Test Analysis
1. Purpose of the test
Was to expand the skills of professionals who will in turn impart this knowledge to speakers of second languages and form a basis for professionalism in language teaching as well as evaluate their as understanding of English language in a classroom situation. At the end of the test, the learner should have been able to construct future classroom tests for the assessment of linguistic competence (grammar and vocabulary) and the four language skills.
My two tested subjects were a middle-aged Irish woman with O-Level education from her native Belfast High School and a 50-year old Jamaican immigrant who had lived in London for the better part of his life.
2. Content of the test
There were 5 sections:
Question 1 – Reading Passage
The aim was to show a grasp in the gist of a written text and its thematic concerns, key ideas, even if there were new words, and choosing its main points. They were sourced from a non-fiction text.
Question 2 – Grammar
Using English at the word or sentence level, including use of correct structural words and forms; correct and appropriate words and sentences; tense in form of a modified cloze.
Question 3 - Listening
Selecting specific information from a spoken text, recognizing speaker’s tone and mood differentiating main points from minor (hesitations, examples, etc) from a simulated recording sourced a conversation.
Question 4 - Writing
Included writing a specified 250-word paragraph using prompts from two texts. In this context, the candidate should be able to express his thought or arguments according to the instructions issued in the paper, thus, adhere to all instructions given.
Question 5 - Speaking
To measure fluency, the test subject was a...

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...rther, my diagnosis was the language test did not cater for revision, which meant I had to develop better assessments. It is also important that we provide for educational communication and Technologies facilitates faculty assessment to support various tools to develop online or in-class tests.
A diagnostic listening testing should be taken alongside or prior to the test to ascertain a student’s listening aptitude. This test may assess more than just recognition of spoken words. It may be marked according to the exact words (including the exact punctuation and spelling), the accuracy of certain phrases, or simply according to meaning.

Fulcher, G. A data-based approaching to rating scale construction, n.d. p. 10: University of
Surrey. Retrieved 27 May, 2011 from

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