Language Tension Between Countries And Culture Essay

Language Tension Between Countries And Culture Essay

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Language Tension between Countries and Culture
“Language is power” (LaForest 205). A power that can change throughout time using people and communication. Language helps communicate with other people. Lately, different countries have been learning English to help communicate with one another. As a result, English classes were created. However, is English the way to go? What are the effects of learning English or will English cause tension with other languages?
In the article ‘The Church of Please and Thank You,’ it talks about English is shaping different Asian countries. Julie Traves, “is an editor for ‘The Globe and Mail’” (The Globe and Mail Newspaper) and she went out to interview different EFL teachers about their experience of teaching English in another country. She started relating her topic to imperialism. During 1835, the British took over India; thus, made English to spread all over India. An explorer name Thomas Babington Macaulay “proposed that English be used to create a class of Indian middlemen who would be sympathetic to British interests, without the necessity of large numbers of British citizens coming out and running the show” (Traves 102). Leaving India with speaking English than their cultural language. It connects to modern day society because English is leaving an impression in different countries that English is valuable for business and communicating with others. In addition, EFL teachers have to teach the “Western customs and values;” which means that “when you’re teaching formulae like ‘Please,’ ‘Thank You,’ ‘Can I split the cheque?’ you also have to teach the context in which they come up. That means teaching culture” (Travs 101). Without knowing where the word comes from and how it formed, the stude...

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...’t speak English score a low percentile in school (CIS). Immigrant students have to go through the hassle of learning English and trying to work hard in school. Just like in Traves’s article, students have to learn English and they don’t want to. It can be beneficial for students to learn English; however, it can cause them to balance their identity.
Therefore, ‘Please and Thank You’ and ‘Undocumented Immigrants’ both argue that language is changing/shaping a culture and causes a cultural tension/loss between cultures. ‘Please and Thank You’ talks about how teaching English in a different country can cause culture to be changed and influence business. ‘Undocumented Immigrants’ talks about the unfair ruling of laws that goes against illegal immigrants and how there is tension between whites and Hispanics. As a result, causes a change in one language and identity.

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