Language Self Assessment : Verbal And Written Language Essay example

Language Self Assessment : Verbal And Written Language Essay example

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Language Self-Assessment
Verbal and written language is how people communicate with each other and encourage thoughts, achieve goals, and build relationships. Speaking a single, or multiple languages, and growing up in different setting can seriously alter the way that people speak the same language. This can either encourage diverse communication or make communication all but impossible. For the most part I speak English fluently, it is the only full language that I can speak and I developed this language growing up in a small farm town in the middle of New Jersey.
English is the only language that I know fluently. I was raised in an English speaking household and attended school who spoke and taught in English. In elementary school I was taught the details of the English language and it was reinforced at home with my family. While I have not noticed a drastic change, my language has changed naturally over the years, widening my vocabulary with every conversation I have and each book I read. I know that the way I talk now is drastically different from the way I spoke in my childhood. My words have a more natural cadence and flow, and my sentences carry more meaning than just ramblings of a little kid.
My father’s side of the family is polish but the only speak English, having ling forgotten the language of their ancestors. On the other hand, My mother’s side of the family still speaks fluently. All accept my generation. My mother was the first generation born in America and grew up speaking both English and Italian. She never taught my siblings and myself because she did not want us to be bullied in school like she was because of it. So while I do not speak fluent Italian, I can understand the meaning of a conversation bas...

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...y at formal events my words have slipped and used phrases I commonly used with friends in a formal setting. The most recent example was at work a few nights ago when I addressed the guests saying, “Would any of you guys want some coffee” instead of a more formal “would anyone care for coffee.”
I do not notice a big difference between the English I hear through media and the English I speak to others with. The accent might be different sometimes, or the diction used could be more or less verbose than my own. Overall there is no overwhelming difference between the English I hear and the English I speak. My different life experience and background knowledge have molded me to speak and write in common, or standard, English. My words may vary and the meaning of what I say will change as conversations come and go, but I am still communicating through the English language.

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