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Language School : 1.5 Literacy Program Essays

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Language School: 1.5 Literacy Program
There is an increased attention for immigrants and English-language learners (ELL) in the United States. The generation 1.5 are overlooked and misidentified in the high school level. This generation is of students who are familiar with the U.S culture because they were raised here and many were born in the United States. Even though, they appear to be native in speaking English, they are less skilled in academics, literacy, and especially in writing their first language. Moreover, there are nine recommendations for developing a Generation 1.5 literacy program, which I will implement in my language school that I will be teaching. However, I will keep in mind that these high school students were raised speaking and hearing two languages, but that they lack in both academically. The Universal Grammar theory of Chomsky helped these students know their first language or as I like to call it mid-languages because these students, including myself learned both languages; Spanish and English at the same time and we are undecided on which one we learned first because we lack on the academic part of both. In addition, my language school will be also based on Stephen Krashen theories of second language acquisition. These involve meaningful interactions and natural communications.
The first recommendations that I will implement in my language school is to establish higher track classes as opposed to lower track classes. The higher level tracking will assist the Generation 1.5 students in accelerating through scaffolds and structured reading activities to full English proficiency. In addition, these classes will have meaningful interactions for the students who need that extra help in either language. In...

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... other factors that prevent them from being successful in learning than the children who had these windows of learning. With that being said, my students went through these windows of learning, but somehow were overwhelmed due to learning two distinct languages. The last recommendation is to provide staff development that addresses English acquisition and literacy development strategies. This last recommendation that I will implement in my language school is the foundation of these high school student 's success.
I believe that this is a very well organized recommendations that I will use for my language school to help these overlooked and misidentified students; the Generation1.5. Personally, I would have benefited from this program when I was in high school because I believe that I am part of the 1.5 Generation that struggles with academic English and writing.

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