Essay about Language Requirements Are A Waste Of Time, Money, And Resources

Essay about Language Requirements Are A Waste Of Time, Money, And Resources

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Learning another language can be considered a waste of resources, unless fully embraced by the student, thus triggering one to question Americas need for this to be mandatory. In Winchester’s article “How America Can Maintain Its Edge” he references the need to learn other languages, while Caplan’s article “The Numbers Speak: Foreign Language Requirements Are a Waste of Time and Money” discusses why learning another language is a waste of time, money, and resources. The bigger issues seems to be not that learning another language is unimportant, but rather when it’s learned being essential to retaining and using it. If various languages were incorporated in one’s daily life from birth there would be a much more substantial chance at using it effectively to create various opportunities for oneself and for our country as a whole.
Winchester’s article takes one through a journey of how a car is made, showing all of the different countries involved, in bringing it to America. This is very significant because it shows how everyone is linked, despite the majority, of individuals in the U.S., being blind to this. He mentions that only 10% of Americans are bilingual, while other countries are significantly ahead of us in this percentage. These counties place importance on this matter, such as China who requires students to learn English, from a young age, according to Winchester. He then details how different wars or disagreements between countries affect us, due to our demand for different resources that they produce. Winchester concludes his article by stating the importance he places on visiting these countries and learning to appreciate their cultures. Caplan’s article, on the other hand, takes the opposite position of Winchester’s, a...

... middle of paper ..., worth, points, although their perspectives relating to the issue are vastly different. Winchester’s article, “America’s need to maintain its edge” brought to light the issue of if language may be an essential part of preserving our superiority, while Caplan’s article “The Numbers Speak: Foreign Language Requirements Are a Waste of Time and Money” made one consider if the cost associated were really worth the gain, with his belief that it was irrelevant to today’s society. These two thoughts posed the question of which could be true, and if there was a middle ground. After exploration of the topics, and one’s own thoughts, it appears as if the best way to achieve growth is through changing the current system, and starting the process, of being bilingual, at a young age, allowing for a better chance at success, and a more natural way at viewing different cultures.

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