Language Processing And Language Comprehension Essay

Language Processing And Language Comprehension Essay

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As a dual immersion teacher in the Spanish language, I see a dilemma through the years and have wondered how I can help these learners achieve the necessary skills and be on a first grade level by the end of the school year, especially the English native speakers. As Frey and Fisher (2010), states that Letter and word recognition must be further coordinated with the auditory areas of the brain that process the sounds of language and assemble them into meaningful strings. Therefore, the loop of the language processing and language comprehension how Frey and Fisher (2010) calls must be trained to coordinate efficiently. This is where my review of the questions comes forward. After analyzing the literature review and the comments of my peers, I redirected my question into a more narrow one where the literature acquire will help me guide the instruction to help my learner achieve success. The question that I had formulated was, how could I provide rich and engaging phonics lesson for comprehension in order for the struggling readers and writers to become successful and eliminate the achievement gaps they have after leaving kindergarten? After analyzing this questions and taking into consideration the Litmus test (Laureate Education, 2015) process. For that reason, I change the question into how can I guide my non-readers and writers succeed when they are having struggle learning the syllables. After consulting my literacy coach at my school, I reinforce my action research questions into a more precise that along with the literature review I will gain success. My action research question is how can I make the connection between the student oral language and written language? As my research came along I found data related to my topic...

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...n order to read and write as a first grade level student.
To conclude my action research literature review, I can start noticing that there have been studies that have shown positive results on how to help the learners make the connection of oral language and written language. In addition, I also noticed that the students made lasted at least a year, which means that once I have concluded my research I need to establish collaboration with the kindergarten educators to provide these interventions in early ages of their scholar years. The main idea is to build a strong foundation or oral language and phonemic awareness for the students to acquire the ability to decode new words and become successful readers and writers. As my literacy coach said to me during this process, if the students can say it, they can write it and if it can be written, they can be read it.

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