Essay about Language Preservation of the Coushatta Peoples

Essay about Language Preservation of the Coushatta Peoples

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The Contemporary Issues in Native American Culture provides a lot of varied topics and interests. In this paper, the main issue will be the topic of tribal language preservation. How tribes are able to raise money to enhance language efforts, how tribes are working to preserve the language, and how tribes are using language to maintain cultural awareness and identity will be discussed.
Tribes are working hard to preserve their language through many different methods. For example, Rindels (n.d.) explains that tribes are using technology to be able to save their languages. She reports that Thornton Media is the company that is responsible for using an app for the Apple devices to promote language learning. Rindels (n.d.) explains that the first language to be used in their app was Cherokee which was released in 2009. She also reports that Thornton media has worked with around 170-180 tribes which represent about 70-80 languages. Rindels (n.d.) also reports that other mediums of using technology to teach language are YouTube videos from native speakers or video chats using video conferencing software for learners to be able to practice their particular tribal languages from a distance.
Transparent Language (2013) reports that Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana and the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas who speak their tribal Koasati language are taking tremendous steps in preserving their language which currently has around 500 Koasati speakers. Transparent Language (2013) was able to work with the tribal elders by recording linguists and using recording systems to hear the words of the native Koasati language. Transparent Language (2013) was able to develop the system on teaching the Koasati language to the Coushatta peoples and any...

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