Language Learning Strategies, Motivation, And Biculturalism Essay

Language Learning Strategies, Motivation, And Biculturalism Essay

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During the panel discussion, it was very interesting to hear what the three panellists had to say about their own language learning experiences. Hima, Eva, and Kathy all come from very different backgrounds with unique language repertoires. As language learners, however, they all have experience dealing with learning strategies, motivation, and biculturalism. On the topic of language learning strategies, all three panellists transitioned from using explicit, formal learning strategies to more implicit, communicative strategies. In school, their language instruction required them to focus on the vocabulary and grammatical aspects of the target language. Hima and Eva said that it was helpful for them to start learning with a formal basis of vocabulary and grammar and using cognitive methods. Kathy, on the other hand, said that she doesn’t learn well explicitly so she had more difficulty with the formal instruction and strategies required in her schooling in South Korea. All of the women eventually moved towards using socio-affective methods and communicating in the target language. They all agreed that being exposed and immersed in the target language helped them improve their language proficiency. The experiences of the panellists relate to Class 19 (#11), when we discussed the different categories of language learning strategies and how students can use more than one of these categories. For the three panelists, they at least used cognitive, social, and affective strategies at some point in their language learning experiences.
When it came to motivation, the three panelists all had different purposes and experiences during their language learning. For Eva, she was more integratively motivated to learn English because of U.S. pop ...

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...with her nonnative languages. Eva said that it is important to understand the culture associated with a language and it can always change your identity in some way. Kathy doesn’t consider herself bicultural even though she knows cultural aspects of the U.S. She claims a monocultural identity because she believes that her Korean identity is incomparably strong. Although Kathy has been living in the U.S. for a couple years, she only uses the social aspect of American culture to achieve an academic goal. The distinctive identities claimed by each of the three panelists confirm the idea that the decision-making process when choosing a cultural identity is very complex. Due to the intricacy of identities and the subjectivity of people’s backgrounds and experiences, some people unfortunately never identify with the two or more cultures they may belong in (Grosjean, 2015).

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