Language Is The Road Map Of A Culture Essay

Language Is The Road Map Of A Culture Essay

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In a globalized world where change is inevitable, learning a second language is a great benefit. Although it takes time and dedication, learning a new language has its benefits. Language is what defines a group of people. It is what separates them because of how they speak and also on how the language is developed. In today’s society, there are over 6,000 languages in particular, and learning one will surprisingly help you in life. Rita Mae Brown once said, Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.” Language is what separates people because so many people speak different languages, and people can tell where other people are from just by their accents or the language they speak. It is as important as drinking water because without language, people would not be able to adapt in a certain culture. This is when acquiring a second language comes into place. Acquiring a second language has its fair share of benefits and difficulties. Although one may agree that learning a new language is a waste of time, studies have shown that there are great benefits that come from trying to learn a new language. Some benefits include brain development, improvement of first language, provides better career opportunities and etc. Its not easy learning a new language, some difficulties that people might face are language difference, transfer from native language to foreign one, and implications in the classrooms. That is why learning a new language is a good idea, it provides great benefits, and although is has some difficulties, people can learn more if they are able to get passed them, and it also distinguishes the difference between language acquisition and language learning.

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...uage can help improve brain functionality. It can also benefit them by reducing the chance of getting brain diseases. Learning a new language not only improve the brain, but it gives the learners a high change of getting a job. Although people can say it not that hard, linguistic have come up with certain possibilities that will make language learning hard. The culture difference and the attitude that one have may contribute to the outcome of their learning. Meaning the same words in from L1 and L2 can mean different things in certain cultures, while being shy and embarrassed of mispronouncing a word in the second language both contribute to the difficulties that language learner face while trying to learn a language. Lastly, these are all part of the language acquisition and language learning process. These are two different thing which can be defines as L1 and L2.

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