Language Is A Complex Tool Used By Humans

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INTRODUCTION Language is a complex tool used by humans to convey meaning, express emotion and pass down information, it is a multi-faceted entity that is found in many forms. Language does not just mean the spoken language used in everyday life to express intent, ask questions, identify objects and convey feelings, but includes body language, such as facial expression and hand gestures, and written language. Body language is used both consciously and unconsciously to express emotion and feeling without speaking and can be combined with oral language to enhance or change meaning. Written language allows humans to visually record information, pass down ideas and connect people from great distances. These are by no means the only forms that language is found in, digital language, sign language, tactile language, religious language, mathematical language, musical language and many more are all forms of language. While there are many forms of language, individual languages are very complex and varied. While languages have a standard accepted form (for example Standard Australian English) they also have different dialects, which are forms of a language that are particular to a specific region or social group (Oxford Dictionary). English, for example, comprises many dialects including British English, American English, Canadian English, South African English and Australian English. These variants of English have vocabulary and grammar differences that make them unique from each other, however speakers of different dialects are generally able to understand each other in conversation. Language can also be formal or informal and the level of formality used relies on the context of the situation. The choice of register, or “the form of lang... ... middle of paper ... specific language in their homes and communities and the culture that children are immersed in will dictate both how they learn and use language and how they derive meaning from language. They will also learn the individual speaking habits of their families and are likely to develop similarities in their use of vocabulary, accent and other idiosyncrasies. Children experience written language constantly in their lives and as they become literate they are able to understand the visual symbols that surround them daily. The types of written language that they are exposed to become increasingly complex as they develop and as they learn to use written language they are able to express their views and feelings effectively and communicate globally. Language is complex, multi-faceted and is found in many forms and it has a huge effect on children throughout their lives.

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