Language, Employment, And Workplace Relations Essay

Language, Employment, And Workplace Relations Essay

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Throughout their early years children learn to communicate with the signs, symbols and sounds we call language. Children typically develop language at a similar rate, resulting in the ability to measure their progress against set milestones. (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, 2016) Linguist Michael Halliday surmises that there are seven functions for which a child uses language for; Instrumental, is to make something happen (e.g. “Can you please pass me the book?”). Regulatory language attempts to control behaviours (e.g. “you need to hold hands to cross the road.”). Interactional language allows the child relate to others, a social language (e.g. conversation about the weather). Personal refers to the language used to express oneself (e.g. “I am having a good day.”). Heuristic is a term meaning language used to discover or explore (e.g. “How humid is Bali?”). Imagination is as it sounds, using one 's imagination to create and entertain (e.g. riddles, jokes and stories) and finally, Informative language conveys facts and explanations (e.g. “Water boils at 100*C.”)

Outside of functions, throughout development in a child they also learn the rules and structure within their native language. All languages have rules and structure in their vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Standard languages are formal and usually originate from capital cities. (Hussey, 2014, pp128-130) When people move away from the area of language origin, we see accents and dialects develop. For instance, comparing the Scottish dialect to the British Standard. Vernaculars and colloquialisms also move languages away from the standard; for example, in Australia we see common use of words such as bogan, smoko and mate which ...

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...troduced to this age group, which brings exposure to social media. Computers, tablets and smart phones introduce a layered dimension to language and communication. Negotiating the unwritten rules of social media and the use of language across borders is complicated. The child will need to have an understanding on what is socially acceptable, not only in their community, but also in communities in other countries and across the world they may be communicating with. For example, using Australian colloquialisms, which may not be understood in another country, or the use of words that may draw offense in another culture.

Using Hallidays’s explanation of language development we can see that all 7 functions of language are continuing to be active in this age group. They also have refined listening skills and are very aware of reading and using non-verbal languages.

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