Essay on Language, Culture And Social Life Between Australia And Indonesia

Essay on Language, Culture And Social Life Between Australia And Indonesia

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Based on Australian Department of Education and Training 2016 research, there are 14.424 Indonesian students out of 500.189 foreign scholars in Australia. Most of them, usually face a few difficulties during their adaptation that affect their psychology. However, in relation to the dynamic world, many people assume that adaptation is relatively simple, as well as there are welfare departments that provides international students assistance. From ITIM International data, it shows that Indonesian are more social than Australian so it should be fairly easy for Indonesian to adapt in new environment. The latter condition could also lead them to feel lonely. This essay will argues that it is normal to feel lonely at the beginning because there are tremendous differences, such as language, culture and social life between Australia and Indonesia.
What is the foundation of this argument? In essence, it rests on the simple but true fact that international scholars, especially Indonesian, need to be synchronized with the environment nearby. Synchronization makes people settled and feel accepted in relation to the new world. Marginson (2010, p. 393) declares that foreign students take time to emerge when they first arrive in a new country because people needs to adapt to language to the cycles of life. For Indonesian students, they usually find themselves difficult to positioned what are they want to be, between old and new personality, confirms Marginson (2010, p.55). In order to face this problem, Indonesian students are recreating their identity by change in formal roles, personal ties and social network (Marginson 2010, p. 55). Therefore, Indonesian students still deal with environment adaptation problems, but they can solve it as they...

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...n essence, as has been shown, Indonesian can adapt to Australian atmosphere well when they are given enough time to adjust their habits, culture and language properly. This is proven by the fact that Indonesian language level are better than other majority international student. Even though Indonesian student’s language ability are considered to be good, they still encounter some problem. Especially when it’s related to the individualism culture in Australia and how it is completely different from the culture in Indonesia that tend to be more collectivism. Same as child when they are little and learning skills to adapt to new environment, Indonesian international student should be able to adapt to their new surrounding and developed a new skill to ease their adaptation process. This is why Indonesian student doesn’t struggle that much to adapt to Australian culture.

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