Language As An Essential Element Essay

Language As An Essential Element Essay

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Window to Linguistics
Guy Deutscher the author of the book, The Unfolding of Language, indicates the importance of language existence in human life by saying, “of all mankind’s manifold creations, language must take pride of place. Other inventions—the wheel, agriculture, sliced bread—may have transformed our material existence, but the advent of language is what made us human. Compared to language, all other inventions pale in significance, since everything we have ever achieved depends on language and originates from it.“ Language is a tool that lets us as humans to present our ideas thoughts, and inventions; discuss about it at group; convince other that it is a groundbreaking idea; and eventually get feedback from colleague and customer. It looks trivial, but imagine for a moment work process without language. Deutscher, who focuses on language as an essential element, continues the thoghts and challenging the reader by saying, “language is mankind’s greatest invention—except, of course, that it was never invented.” Actually, Detacher wants to arouse the readers ' curiosity and importance regarding language and invites them to join to the journey in the linguistics world. But what actually is Linguistics?
Before we touch in the academic definition of linguistic, we examine how linguistic is reflected in our daily life. “You are the best mom” she says and kisses her mom. “I love you sweetie,” he says, for the first time to his girlfriend, and blushes. “I love Apple” and “Apple is not going to change,” wrote Tim Cook’s to Apple employees. It seems so natural that we can share our emotions with others. It’s so obvious that we can talk, so we never stopped and wondered how it is possible that we began to speak at a ...

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...abel, when ‘he’ decided to take the power from people by create different languages. Today, six years later, I can see the beauty and the positive power of each language. In fact, language is who you are, since it is reflecting the culture. I invite each of you to come and discover the magic of the languages and open the window to Linguistic.

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