Language Aquisition: Theoretical Approaches Essay

Language Aquisition: Theoretical Approaches Essay

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Language is power; not only is it the mechanism by which we communicate, think and express our emotions and ideas; it shapes us into the culture in which we are born. It goes without saying then that language delay affects holistic development leading to isolation, social withdrawal and all round poor academic achievement.

Children develop language in stages, pre-linguistic stage or age birth to 1 year is the stage where babies communicate through crying, cooing and gesturing, babies age 2 months will pause as if to mimic “conversation”.
The second stage is the one word stage age 1 year to 18 months; it is usually at this stage where children say their first word, however they will continue to babble throughout this stage. They also learn how to answer questions and by the end of this stage they should have a vocabulary of around 50 words.
The third stage covers the age range 18 months 3 years which is where children use simple short sentences known as telegraphic speech; they can speak in a grammatical context for example “mummy juice” however they oversimplify words such as using the word “dog” for both cats and dogs or using the word “feets” instead of feet. Two or three word sentences are usually formed around two years old.
By age 5 children are able to use more complex adult like conversation such as conjunctions and their vocabulary should be around 2,000 words and they should be able to make up rhymes, songs and jokes.
By the age of six they should be able to alter their speech according to who they are speaking too. (Mukherji et al 2000)

During the pre-linguistic stage Isabelle’s language would be interrupted as she was hidden away from society and her mother was “both deaf and mute” therefore Isabelle ...

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