Language And The Emotional Aspect Of A Person 's Life Essay

Language And The Emotional Aspect Of A Person 's Life Essay

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Different languages play a different role in the emotional aspect of a person’s life. There have been several studies which show the impact of emotion from L1 to L2. Many researchers have supported an idea that knowing more than one language after the age of 6 or above is known as a bilingual, but knowing just one language is known as a monolingual. Throughout this essay I would be mentioning how different words affect bilinguals, and studies showing which language expresses more emotion in different contexts. Finally this essay will consider how overall knowing a single language compared to being bilingual show different patterns of emotionality.
Anooshian and Hertel (1994) had realized that "the age of acquisition appears more important than proficiency in emotional expressions". The study can be explained by the example of a women who had learnt how to speak English by the age of 8 and lived in a Spanish speaking home, she had chosen to pray in Spanish because English had not "felt right". This shows that her dominant language was not greater in the sense of emotionality than her second language.
A study was taken out from Anooshian and Hertel (1994) of fluent English- Spanish speakers and Spanish- English bilinguals, the participants had learnt the second language at the age of 8 years or more. The participants task was to rate 18 neutral words (13 positive and 5 negative words) by using there pronunciation. At the end of the rating task a recall task was taken out, this came to a conclusion that the emotional words was much more significantly high in L1 than in L2,it also showed that the pronunciation in L1 was recalled less than the emotional intensity(Tiina M.Eiola). The results demonstrates that the encoding of the L1 word...

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...irst language since childhood. However Gonzalez-Regiosa (1976) study shows that the emotional words are mainly spoken in L1 than in L2. However some studies contradict this theory that L1 shows more emotion than L2 and this can be shown by Martins, Oliveira and de Sousa (2003) study were they compared neutral words to anger words. Their study shows that either L1 or L2 can be spoken in emotional words depending on the mood changes.
In conclusion bilingual’s first language seems to be an automatic response in emotionality than in L2 even if they have learnt there second language after the age of 7. In my opinion L1 seems to be a more simple approach to emotionality in a conversation as the person may feel more relaxed while in L2 they may not feel engaged at all. Overall the studies show that L1 and L2 can be used in emotion depending on the context of emotionality.

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