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In reading “Christine Jorgensen: A Personal Autobiography” I got a broader prospective on the extremely difficult and emotionally complicated life of a transgender person. Jorgensen’s writing style and perspective give transgender people a gritty, no holds barred voice that garners sympathy and compassion from the reader. In using these tools of the written language Jorgensen is able to relate to the reader on a personal level.
Chapter two of Jorgensen’s memoir starts off with a peculiarly all American apple pie feel, which is in stark contrast to what comes to mind when the uneducated, biased reader thinks of the early life of a transgender individual. Jorgensen also mentions the Great Depression and the hardships that her family faced during those times. The anecdote Jorgenson mentions, “The stock certificates were worthless and, as Dad said, “Good for nothing but papering a wall.” As I was only three years old at the time. I don’t recall that financial catastrophe, but may years later; I took Dad’s pronouncement literally and papered a wall behind the bar in my home with those colorful worthless certificates.” (Jorgenson, 10-11), is particularly heartwarming and relatable because most readers have similar childhood stories of misinterpreting their parent’s words. Also, in doing this Jorgensen is able to make the reader better relate to her, because by stating her roots she is able to show that yes she is also as American as apple-pie and her beginning is no different than anyone else’s. She is also showing the reader that the beginning of her life didn’t have any special circumstances and nothing out of the ordinary happened to her.
The next section of the autobiography that I found particularly fascinating and easy to rel...

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... Christine was introducing herself into society. But the lack of words shows the reader that self-acceptance was the bigger message.
“Christine Jorgensen: A Personal Autobiography” is an extremely personal perspective on a transgender woman who had the courage and strength to be the face men and woman much like her everywhere. She was the first of many and her autobiography helps an uneducated reader get a more human perspective on the inhuman process that the transgender individual has to undergo in order to feel complete. The language and diction that Jorgensen uses help a reader who has no perspective on the transgender world relate to her story. She does this by including anecdotes and emotions that anyone of the human race can understand.

Works Cited

Jorgensen, Christine. Christine Jorgensen: a Personal Autobiography. San Francisco: Cleis, 2000. Print.

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