Language And Literacy By George Orwell And Neil Postman Essay

Language And Literacy By George Orwell And Neil Postman Essay

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In today’s society there are many technological advances that have contributed to advanced communication. While these are great things to have and can help people communicate across the globe, they have become a hindrance to critical thinking. With the advancement of technology throughout the world people are able to think less while still “functioning” as a human being. Literacy is thrown to the wayside while texting “lingo” runs rampant. Why read a book when you can watch the movie? Students are becoming less interested in language, reading, and writing and more involved with surfing the web for answers. This shift in the value of literacy opens the world up to many dangers that if not confronted and demolished could lead to a society unable to think for themselves.
Wendell Berry, George Orwell and Neil Postman have realized the importance of language and literacy and desire to see the world corrected. Berry in his essay In Defense of Literacy pleads with people to really cherish the information that is available to them. The internet has created a pool of knowledge right at a person’s fingertips. Not only does the world have access to innumerable amounts of information, but also much of the world today is able to receive an education. Sadly, many view education as a mere hurtle to jump through until they can reach the real world. This is evident in how students memorize facts instead of applying the knowledge they receive. Through this the reader can see that knowledge and the importance of literacy has been taken for granted; for example, without reading and writing no one would be able to think for themselves. When people lose literacy they lose themselves and “…[exist] in an atmosphere of prepared, public language.” Living ...

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...w how to establish truth. When a nation strives to better their language and give it all their love and time, that language will continually grow until it changes the world.
Literacy, language, and reading are all important to a society and can help a nation think critically. When people realize the importance of language on their society they will greatly flourish. But when they throw away their language and care only about themselves it will slowly crumble until like in 1984 “the future is unimaginable” (Orwell, 26). It takes an extreme amount of effort to bring back a language, but the rewards of being able to articulate your thoughts, think critically, and know the truth far out weigh the toil it takes to get there. By cherishing language and literacy, the world is able to develop critical thinking skills that will pave the way to a great and promising future.

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