Language And Its Impact On The Preservation Of An Entire People 's Culture

Language And Its Impact On The Preservation Of An Entire People 's Culture

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Language is a force that binds the world together, allowing for the spread of information and communication to surpass all boundaries. According to Susannah MacKaye, the head of a language rights-group with a masters degree in linguistics from Stanford University, language creates a common bond and establishes a common ethnicity (137). Language exists as a unifying source for diverse cultures and composing the American heritage. “Vanishing Voices” by Russ Rymer describes the loss of languages, a direct consequence of the domination by English, the official language of numerous states. The official language has significance in determining an everyday part of life and an impact on the preservation of an entire people’s culture, as it is used for public records, public meetings, official ceremonies legislation, hearings, according to the California State Constitution. California has one of the largest populations of non-English speakers, only behind Texas, which is a state that does not have an official language (U.S Census Bureau). But, California’s official language is English according to Proposition 63, despite its large proportion of Spanish speakers. This discrepancy of having a population that primarily does not speak English as their first language and the official language of English for the state indicates a problem. This begs the question should the state government renounce English as the official language of California? Through an analysis of its historically diverse population, responsibility to preserve culture in society, and ethical obligation to protect the constitutional rights of individuals, the state government should establish both English and Spanish as the official language of California.
The history of Ca...

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...he Spanish language and Hispanic culture. The dual language policy to replace Proposition 63 would be most suitable to solve this problem.
California is the state in most dire need of this change, due to the large population that is affected by the official language status. The solution to California’s official language problem is to establish both Spanish and English, the two dominant languages, in California, paralleling Hawaii with its two official languages. This would be the solution that allows for the government to legally ensure that equal opportunities are provided for both non-English and English-only speakers, while still paving the way for and encouraging bilingual speakers socially, taking into account California’s diverse historical background. This would achieve the most favorable balance and allow for a positive state of affairs for everyone involved.

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