Language Analysis : The Community Clinic At The University Of West Georgia For A Therapy Session

Language Analysis : The Community Clinic At The University Of West Georgia For A Therapy Session

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JW, the subject of this language analysis, was an eleven year old boy who visited the Comprehensive Community Clinic at the University of West Georgia for a therapy session. The therapy session was conducted by a student clinician from the university. JW is autistic boy who also exhibited some issues with articulation and facial motor control, other than that he seemed to be of normal health. Prior to the session, the clinician allowed JW to spend some time looking out the window. In this exercise, JW had to describe what he saw outside the window. By looking out of the window, JW practiced social interaction and joint attention with the clinician.
Throughout the sample, JW was cordial and responsive to the clinician’s inquiries. He didn’t show whether or not he knew how to change his speech according to his audience in this sample because he never called the clinician by her name. He needed a lot of prompting from the clinician in order to have a dialog about the outside environment. At times, he would initiate the conversation by directing the clinician’s attention by saying “loo...

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