Language Acquisitions Of New Languages Essay

Language Acquisitions Of New Languages Essay

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In Suzette Haden Elgin’s Native Tongue, infants of linguistic households are required to acquire various alien languages to become native speakers of Earth for the new languages studied. Our society, for the most part, understands that adults acquire foreign languages differently from the acquisition of a second language by a child. Furthermore, most people generally have the understanding that children learn languages quickly and easily compared to adults. Adults, however, are able to acquire foreign languages in fair or controlled conditions. There may be resulting differences between language acquisitions of new languages, but the rate at which adults acquire second languages should not be a factor.

In Native Tongue, linguist children are trained to understand various languages under certain learning conditions. The government’s efforts, in the novel, to make infants acquire non-humanoid alien languages are disturbing. The taking of hallucinogens to acquire foreign languages is a vile act on children, yet the use of drugs on adults to acquire a language is not unheard of. The linguists’ idea that children must be the sole learners of secondary languages is wrong due to there being no difference between infants and adults other than children’s superior grasp of language pronunciation. More so, the government’s hypothesis that drugs on children will benefit their acquisition of new languages, I believe is false due to the negative consequences that hallucinogens have on humans. Thus, I believe that both methods and ideas are the wrong approaches to acquire alien languages.

The linguist households depend on infants and older children to acquire alien languages, so that they may become a Native speaker of whatever language they...

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...h the argument of adults versus children seem to be what the linguist households base their ideas around. The use of drugs while learning new languages on adults is an interesting topic of research as there are both pros and cons pertaining to the subject. The negative effects of drugs on infants are vastly different from the effects adults’ experience. The effects children receive are extremely harmful, as some side effects can interfere with a child’s mental state. Therefore, the government’s hypothesis of using children is completely false, as their ability to comprehend a new language would be compromised. Thus, with the negative effects that hallucinogens present to both adults and children, I believe that the government’s hypothesis is just as false, as the linguists’ belief that children are the superiorly equipped to learn new languages, more so than adults.

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