The Land Of Nod : Sleep Disorders Essay

The Land Of Nod : Sleep Disorders Essay

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The Land of Nod
Sleep disorders are a growing problem in today’s students. Many students develop these disorders in childhood or early adolescence without realizing it. According to the School Psychology Review, “approximately 20%-25% of the pediatric population will likely develop a sleep disorder sometime during childhood or adolescence”, and “most professionals working with children and adolescents have limited awareness of pediatric sleep disorders” (Jensen 409). This ignorance allows the disorders to increase in severity, as they are not treated. Then, years down the road when students realize the reason for their inability to sleep, the disorders are much more difficult to treat. It is the opinion of researchers that there should be a higher awareness of sleep disorders and the negative impact they have on academic performance in order to prevent their strong effects.
Few people realize how predominant sleep disorders are becoming. The School Psychology Review estimates that out of the approximately twenty-five percent of young students that develop sleep disorders, only about one to three percent are being diagnosed and treated correctly, if at all. According to School Psychology Review’s “Pediatric Sleep Disorders: Validation of the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students”, there are “five primary sleep disorders that impair…academic performance, behavioral-emotional regulation, health, and/or safety…” (Jensen 410). School Psychology Journal believes that the reason for these inaccurate or missing diagnoses stems from both limited knowledge of pediatric sleep disorders and their effects and lack of a proper screening tool available to school counselors and others who work with affected students.
The School Psychology Revie...

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...n Hong Kong Adolescents” and Todd and Mullan’s “The role of self-regulation in predicting sleep hygiene in university students”.
It is the opinion of researchers that there should be a higher awareness of sleep disorders and the negative impact they have on academic performance in order to prevent their strong effects. Luginbuehl advocates the need for better screening instruments to help catch sleep disorders in the early stages. Research suggests that very few sleep disorders in young adolescents are diagnosed and treated. Sleep disorders in college students are more predominant than ever before. Researchers have not yet found complete ways to stop sleep disorders, but there are many effective methods to decrease sleep related issues. All students can do currently is be aware of the issue and use self-regulation to prevent strong impacts on their lives and grades.

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