Essay on The Land Of Eternal Happiness

Essay on The Land Of Eternal Happiness

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“It’s rumored,” Maimeó said nonchalantly “that the sídhe are from Tír na Óg, the Land of Eternal Happiness. In this wonderful world, there is no death or sickness. There is an abundance of all things pleasurable: food, drink, and music. When one lives in Tír na Óg, they do not age or lose their beauty.”
This made no sense to Neil. “If some of these guys are weird and dangerous, how can it be called the Land of Eternal Happiness? Seems more like it would be a living nightmare to hang out with a bunch of freaky creatures.”
“It might seem like that to people outside their world, but they don’t harm each other, so there’s no danger for them in Tír na Óg. There is a special portal there,” she continued, “where the sídhe can only pass from one world to the other on a few nights during the year. If they don’t return when the portal is open, they’re stuck in our world until it reopens.”
“Maimeó,” began Mac, “do you really believe that?”
A mischievous twinkle shone in her eyes. “There are many mysteries in life that we may never completely understand. Often things are in our world that we cannot see and for which we have no rational explanation, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. You’ll get to form your own opinions when you have had more life experiences.”
Oh, I certainly have an opinion if anyone could hear me, thought Fianna. I guess they’ll have to figure this out on their own. I assumed that she was joking, but the joke was on us.
Wrested her out of her introspection by an additional set of silhouettes, Fianna saw another thing she had missed. Carefully clinging to the wall so she would not get too near her past self, Fianna jockeyed for a better angle. Incredible! The ghost girls were here, too!
“Pssst, Anya, L...

... middle of paper ...

...of an older story that originated across the sea. Like the legend you know, this one is also a dark-robed man on a fierce black stallion that snorts fire from its nostrils. In his free hand, he carries a long bony whip made from the spine of a tall man.”
“Cool!” said the boys, the older ones envisioning a fierce and terrifying creature while the younger ones were imagining a more cartoon-like image.
“His rotting head glows and becomes his lantern. The dullahan will hold his head high above him on his hand as he streaks around the countryside. That way, he can see where he’s going. Across open fields, his head’s strong beam can be seen as far as a mile away.”
She laughed before continuing while the choruses of “gross” and “awesome” echoed off the cave walls.
“Wherever he stops,” she intoned, her face and brows drawn into a concerned frown, “someone will die.”

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