Land Degradation in Turkey Essay

Land Degradation in Turkey Essay

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In the past decades Turkey, like many neighboring countries, has faced a growth in population and an expediential rise in migration from rural areas to urban cities. This rapid rise of population in urban areas has brought with it a fear of environmental degradation and rise in risk exposure. The government of Turkey has taken steps in order to lessen impacts on the environment by placing the “environmental law” and the creation of National Ministry of Environment created in 1991(EIA, 2010). However land degradation in Turkey is not solely due to population growth or human behavior in that matter. Due to its geographic positioning the country has an extreme climate that can change in the same area from extreme cold and snow to drought and heat within short months (Ozturk, Ozcelik, Sakcali, & Guvensen, 2004), the steep topography and extreme train can also add to risk hazards. ; All leading to a vulnerable environment.
Geographically Turkey is made of seven regions and while majority of the country is mountonuse and is covered by forest, 3 out of 7 regions are costal ( University of Gothenburg, 2009). The country has about 28,054.000 arable land and even though the thriving industry is agriculture, only 17.5 % of the land is prime (Jones & Montanarella, 2003). According to a study done by University of Edinburg the main environmental issues in Turkey are air and water pollution, land degradation, and loss of biodiversity and ecosystem; each exposing the country to different risk and heighten the disaster outcomes in the last few decades.
There are a few causes that may lead or cause land degradation and not all are caused by human activity. In turkey these causes are rise in population, rapid migration and urbanization, erosion...

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...als with emergency management but also in fundamental approaches of agencies in order to reduce risks and hazards.

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