Essay on The Lady With The Dog And Hills Like White Elephants

Essay on The Lady With The Dog And Hills Like White Elephants

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The principal characters from the short stories, ‘’The Lady with the Dog’’ by Chekhov, and ‘’Hills like White Elephants’’ by Ernest Hemingway are dishonest with the one they love and with themselves, they hide their real feelings about the person they are with, they are living an untruthful relationship, and as a couple they lie to each other. In ‘’The Lady with The Dog’’, Dmitri Gurov and Anna Sergeyevna, they are both unhappily married to other characters, and after a while they engage in an affair, hiding their feeling to each other, just because they do not want to break up their marriages, they do not want more responsibility of what they have with each other. The same matter happens in the ‘’Hills Like White Elephants’’, The American man is hiding his real feelings about the girl and instead of saying the truth, he lies to her, telling her he loves her, when he does not, just because he wants her to do what he desires, to abort the baby they are having. The American man is not ready for a formal relationship and he does not want any responsibility with anyone, he just wants to live his life, free and with no complication. The girl knows the American man’s intention, but she does not face him and instead, she tries her best to keep him, doesn’t matter if he loves her or not, she is going to do everything he wants her to do, to be with him. My point of this paper is to discuss three different things, in the first place we are going to discuss how honesty and responsibility have to deal with their mess in their relationships, and how their lacks of frankness keeps them away from happiness. In second place I’m going to explain how none of the characters are happy with themselves; if they are not happy with themselves they are un...

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...hey are a lot of possible reasons why she acts in the way she does. As women have no voice or vote, she is afraid to do something against the system. Anna and the girl from both short stories before mentioned, speak no truth to their men. It might be because of the male’s chauvinism that it’s including in the stories. The men from both short stories are lying to their women, because of men’s immaturity. Rights inequalities have always been there, but in these two cases, we are able to see how women do not have any right to choose what they want.
In conclusion, the pursuits of happiness in both characters’ stories are a fail, none of them are able to find happiness as couples because they do not feel happy with themselves, they are not honest with themselves and with their couples, and because male chauvinism is active and prevent that men see women with equal eyes.

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