The Lady Of Shalott By Alfred Tennyson

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The Lady of Shalott Published in 1842, The Lady of Shalott, is one of the most notable poems by Mr. Lord Tennyson. Born in Somersby, England, Alfred Tennyson was one of the most popular British poets and still remains known today. The Lady of Shalott is the main character in the poem and acts as the main focus. The poem is divided into four numbered parts with stanza of nearly the same length. Each of the four parts ends at the moment when a speech is spoken: the speech first takes the form of the reaper’s whispering identification, the second form of the Lady’s half-sick lament, the third of the Lady’s pronouncement of her doom, and finally, of Lancelot’s blessing. Lord Tennyson’s, “The Lady of Shalott”, uses structure, form and theme to help show the audience the conflict between art and life. A ballad refers to a poem that tells the story of a person or people, with details that give them features that are larger than life. The poem is divided into four numbered sections, with each section, like its own story, rising to a climax before it ends. This structure helps capture the audience’s interest, make the reader want to find out what will happen next. There are four stanzas in Parts I and II, five stanzas in Part III, and six in Part IV. Tennyson separates these parts of the poems into parts to show the different stages of life. Tennyson has the early sections shorter to allow him to hold the reader 's attention. Tennyson brings detail to rhymes by making most of the lines flow and be brought to a close by punctuation. His strong emphasis of rhymes helps give the poem a mystical feeling of an ancient tale, since it resembles poems from before printing was created, when news was carried by word of mouth and rhyming helped to m... ... middle of paper ... ...ifferent segments of life represented by the four parts in the poem reflect a lot of uncertainty in whether Tennyson was trying to convince people that death was something that had to be faced. He shows that in every part of the poem that the lady has some association with death. Most scholars like Watergate and Frauenhofer seem to understand “The Lady of Shalott” to be about the conflict between art and life. The Lady weaves her magic web and sings her song in a lonely castle which can be seen to represent the common artist who is isolated from the business and activity of daily life. The exact moment that she sets her art aside to look down on the real world, a curse arises and causes her death. The poem captures the conflict between an artist’s strong feeling for social involvement and her doubt whether or not a commitment is possible for someone dedicated to art.
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