Essay Lady Macbeth 's Mental Illness

Essay Lady Macbeth 's Mental Illness

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Lady Macbeth Mental Illness
William Shakespeare had tragedy in Macbeth. Macbeth had been a Thane, which is a noble. Lady Macbeth wants to be Queen of Scotland in Macbeth wants to be king no matter what it takes Macbeth was going be king and Lady Macbeth was going to be queen. Lady Macbeth was a very strong mind person. Lady Macbeth suffered from the effect of bipolar and schizophrenia.
First lady Macbeth showed bipolar disorder by showing the symptoms of inflated or self-esteem grandiosity. Lady Macbeth believed she should be queen. Lady Macbeth was already a noble wife. She wants the Queens crown so bad, she would do anything to make sure she got that crown.
Next lady Macbeth had a flight of ideas. Macbeth had sent her a letter telling her he should be king. After the letter she was jumping with ideas. She was thinking of a way to make sure they were King and Queen.
Later Lady Macbeth stressed over Macbeth’s actions. Then it increases in goal directed anxiety. Psychosis when she started imaging things, and hearing sounds that weren’t there. Lady Macbeth said she heard “ crickets, and owls cry” every little noise startled her. Lady Macbeth became very distractibility.

Lady Macbeth was in bipolar disorder II. Which brings on schizophrenia in less manic episodes. In their era they didn’t have treatment or MEDs for the sickness Lady Macbeth had. Lady Macbeth had a panic episode when she was talking to king’s blood on her hands (at least it appeared that way), saying, “out damnd’d spot out, say!”(Act 5 scenes 1)
Lady Macbeth would most likely have Cyclothymia than anything. Once they killed the king and Duncan they felt on top of the world. Nobody could touch them or they thought they couldn’t be touched. Lady Macbeth felt rea...

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... total score (77.0 ± 23.1 vs. 82.0 ± 24.4), Global Assessment of Functioning Scale total score (51.3 ± 15.5 vs. 47.7 ± 13.3) and Quality of Life total score (34.9 ± 5.2 vs. 28 ± 4.5), compared with Group B. Conclusions: Our results demonstrate that Greek traditional dances improve functional capacity and quality of life in patients with schizophrenia. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

Cyclothymia is a condition that causes you to go back and forth between mild mania and mild depression. In the manic phase you feel highly energized and are very active. In the depressed phase you are very sad, hopeless, and just don’t care about anything.

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