Lady Bug Craft : Main Areas Of Development Covered : Emotional, Physical And Creative

Lady Bug Craft : Main Areas Of Development Covered : Emotional, Physical And Creative

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Lady bug craft – Main Areas of Development Covered: Emotional, Physical and Creative
In the first scene three children were participating in a lady bug craft that involved paper cut outs and glue, and was unassisted by the teachers. As the activity continues the children start to put the glue on their hands and arms as well as all over the table. Creative development was observed as the children were allowed to use the glue in whichever way they wanted. This shows self-expression, and experimentation with how the glue felt. This shows that children were in Piaget’s sensorimotor stage, as toddlers use all of their senses to learn. Because of this we can assume the children are developing at a normal rate. To enhance their creative development the children could have be given more options of materials to work with. Physical development was observed through fine motor skills, as children were able to hold and use the paint brush that was used to apply the glue. Further development in this area would lead to the children’s increased control of the paint brush, and the children would be able to put the glue only on the spots that need it. Due to the growth of the body occurring from inward to outward, it is normal that the children do not yet have full control of their fine motor skills. Emotional development was also observed as the children were expressing their reactions, “the glue is sticky”. Self-help skills were also observed when the teacher suggests it is time to wash their hands after the kids cover themselves in the glue. In order to enhance their self-help skills teachers should continue to make washing their hands a fun thing to do, and make them aware of when they should be washing their hands. Using Lev Vygotsky’s theory ...

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...observed was two boys playing with Lego blocks. The little boys did not engage much but played side by side. Creative development was touched upon as the one little boy built a tower of Lego and it fell over when it became too tall. This shows that the child is exploring cause and effect. Social development was also explored as the two boys were playing next to one another with the same objects, but were not engaging with one another. This is an example of Mildred Parten’s parallel play as they are both playing with Lego beside each other however, they are not interacting with one another. To further enhance these children’s social development they should be encouraged to build something together in pairs, which would lead to associative play. It is not uncommon for toddlers to play using parallel play so I would assume the children are developing at an average rate.

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