Essay on Lady Brett Ashley in The Sun Also Rises

Essay on Lady Brett Ashley in The Sun Also Rises

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Lady Brett Ashley was a very important character in the book The Sun Also Rises. She had it all, she was pretty, and she had four guys ogling over her. Four guys!!!! She was independent, she could do whatever she wanted. She was definitely not sympathetic however, nore would she be a good role model for anyone because yes, she does treat her male friends cruelly.
Lets start with her relationships with the guys. She can basically get whatever she wants, they will do anything for her, because they find her so attractive. Even if they want something in return, she will be happy to give it to them, she has it all. However that is all she does, she moves from guy to guy like she does not even care. Which by the way, she does not. Basically, she is everyone's romantic interest, everyone is in love with her. The difference is how she feels about you. Because she has such an effect on men, she also has another ability. She can tear their relationships with each other apart and turn them against each other just by sleeping with them.
Now we will examine Brett's views on things. She is fully aware of what she is doing, yet she continues to do it anyways. She wanders from guy to guy, coming and going. She cannot stay with someone, yet she claims she cannot be alone. She uses men as an escape from her attractions to other men. Mainly her lost love from the war and her feelings towards Jake even though he cannot give her what she wants. The men may care about her, but she does not care about them.
Her personality is just what it seems, as shown by the evidence above. She is a femme fatale. She is a destructive force to men. She realizes this. She left her relationship with Pedro even though she loved him because she knew she wasn't good for ...

... middle of paper ...

... push him away.
So now I will try to sum up Brett Ashley. She is a ridiculously beautiful woman who is rich and incredibly attractive. In fact, she is so irresistible, she is a danger to the men around her. She goes back and forth, having affairs with all four of her love interests. She tears apart their friendships as they become jealous of each other for their relationships with Brett. She is independent, and takes orders from no one. Even though she gets a new boyfriend every couple days, she is lonely and cannot stand to be by herself. She rarely considers the feelings of anyone but herself, she really has no sympathy. She lost her true love in the war and now is in truly in love with only Jake, but a war wound has left him unable to give her what she wants, so she gets it from everyone else. She is not someone I would look up to, but I admire her independence.

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