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The, Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury Essay

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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. We present to you today Grendel, a creature accused of crimes of monstrosity. We stand before you today to prove to you that the accused is indeed guilty of such crime for which the penalty should be death at the hands of a suitable hero. Through the display of evidence and facts, we will validate our allegation and prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Grendel is absolutely who he is accused to be. For the past twelve years, Grendel has tormented the Danes with terror as he demolished their mead hall and cruelly killed their men. He killed without regret or remorse, and even took pleasure in terrorizing, killing, and eating them. A cease to this abomination’s terror came to be when a great hero by the named of Beowulf fought and caught him. Grendel is guilty of crimes of monstrosity by killing without remorse, by finding joy or entertainment in such acts, not killing in self defense, and consciously choosing to kill when he has the ability not to; he should be convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death.
Grendel cruelly killed others without any sign of guilt or remorse; his actions and feelings when taking the lives of others were not that of someone who feels shame in what he has done. “I laughed. It was outrageous: they came, they fell, howling insanity about brothers, fathers, glorious Hrothgar, and God...I saw myself killing them, on and on and on, as if mechanically, without contest” (Gardner 81). In his description of his first raid on Hrothgar’s mead hall, Grendel described killing the men as a mechanical action that could continue on forever. His nonchalant way of addressing his kills, combined with the fact that he described it as “mechanical”, is evidence of his...

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...rting the claim that Grendel is guilty of crimes of monstrosity and should be convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death at the hands of a suitable hero. Grendel did not feel any remorse for his heinous deeds, took joy and entertainment from his killing, did not fight in self defense, and consciously chose to kill when he had the choice and ability not to. All of these actions were absolutely monstrous because they were wicked, cruel, immoral, and deviated from normal and acceptable behavior. Grendel had the intelligence of a human and the ability to choose not to commit the murders, yet he still did. He was not forced to kill by anyone else or his own nature. Grendel premeditated his monstrous actions, which proves that he has a passion for such viscious acts, and therefore should be sentenced to death for first degree murder and crimes of monstrosity.

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