The Lack Of Women 's Rights And Gender Equality Essay

The Lack Of Women 's Rights And Gender Equality Essay

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Imagine, being denied something, just because you were born a girl. This was the case for all women in the past, and still is today for too many women and girls living in countries all around the world. The lack of women’s rights and gender equality is an issue that affects every country to some extent. An issue that so many people and organizations are trying to fix, but it is no easy feat. Women all over the world are living under inadequate circumstances because they don 't have any authority in their lives. If women were able to have control over certain aspects of their lives they would be happier and healthier. When women have choices about their education, reproduction and marriage, and jobs,
All around the world too many girls are uneducated and illiterate. “65 million girls around the world are being denied one of their most important rights– the right to learn” (McCarney, R). The majority of these girls don 't have the option to go to school because they aren 't given control of their lives. In some places schools aren 't free and parents can 't afford to send all their children to school, so they will send their sons to school over the girls. “Boys are often given the first opportunity to attend school” (McCarney, R). In many developing countries girls are see as burdens on their families, so they are not even given the option of education because their families believe it is more important to send boys to school. In Africa there is a “tendency of poor families to spend available money on the education of boys, because males are viewed as the future breadwinners” (“Women”). Some religions and culture give people the belief that girls shouldn 't, or don 't need to, be educated, resulting in large populations of illite...

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...heir gender. “As a consequence of their working conditions and characteristics, a disproportionate number of women are impoverished in both developing and developed countries. Despite some progress in women’s wages in the 1990s, women still earn less than men, even for similar kinds of work” (“The Human Rights of Women”). Since women often make less money than men, women are more likely to live in poverty. If women were able to choose to have a job, of the type of job they have, or how much they make, less of them would be living in unfortunate circumstances. And when a women pulls herself out of poverty
There is a saying that women’s rights are human rights, but at this point in time the rights that women are . The best way to give these women better lives is to allow them to control their own lives. If women could have control When women prosper so will the world.

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