Lack Of Leadership And Performance Monitoring Essay

Lack Of Leadership And Performance Monitoring Essay

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Problem: lack of leadership and performance monitoring
The Packaging department could be given its own manager given the importance placed in the packaging arena by the customers. If this is a costly option another would be to develop hierarchy within the existing department making a few people responsible to ensuring the efficiency of the rest of the team. Managers also need to be given goals as should the employees to ensure that work gets done and no one is abusing their benefits. Encourage managers to visit the packaging department and do their jobs to the maximum capacity to establish a good example for the employees. When employees see managers not doing their expected work, the employees tend to slack off as well as the message goes do as I say not as I do.
Problem: Lack of employee engagement
Employees not working to the same standard that other departments are doing could be due to lack of employee engagement. The best ways to increase employee engagement is by making sure all information is shared between all employees. The employees should be updated on the company performances and how that information relates in regards to the employees and their jobs. Another solution is to set clear expectations for the employees and be consistent in the way employees are praised and also in the way employees are reprimanded. Given the scope of the backlog, employees should be asked to give input on how to fix the delays and the existing backlog. Identify disengaged workers and try to explore the reasons behind the disconnect and resolve it.
Problem: Lack of efficiency
Lack of efficiency could be due to lack of motivation or due to lack of ability. The best way to fix issues with lack of ability is to retrain and resupply individua...

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...equired standards of timekeeping, consequences for persistent lateness. The policy should also cover the possible disciplinary action for abusing lunch breaks and tardiness. The company should establish timekeeping monitors that cannot be manipulated by the employees and the manner in which employees are allowed to make up for missed work if allowed. Of course there should be flexibility for those times when delays do occur unexpectedly example like sky train breakdowns. In these cases the company should establish a method to report lateness as soon as it is discovered. It important to let employees know that lying to employees regarding reasons for being late is a form of gross misconduct and the disciplinary action including termination is a possibility. Employees though paid for lunch should be asked to sign out so as to ensure they don’t abuse their lunch breaks.

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