The Lack Of Human Connection Essay

The Lack Of Human Connection Essay

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Offred’s continuous struggle to live in a society where she is forbidden to have a personal relationship with a man makes it extremely difficult for her to survive because “nobody dies from lack of sex. It’s lack of love we die from” (Atwood 103). A lack of human connection is what allows people to understand others as well as themselves. Emotional connections are how we have learned to feel safe in each other’s presences. The physical component is not the necessity of a relationship, the emotional connection is. Being able to feel comfortable around each other allows people to speak their minds freely. Thinking and discussing without worrying about the consequences of freely speaking helps her feel safe and realize that she is not alone in the Republic. Someone does “care” about her. Offred had the opportunity to develop an emotional connection with the Commander through their late night meetings in his study. With each meet-up, they were able to let down their guard more and speak more freely. Once they got to know each other a little more, Offred felt that speaking against the scripted responses in the society would not have a strong consequence. Her wonderment about the outside world drove her to ask the Commander what every handmaid would like to know, “I would like to know…whatever there is to know” (Atwood 188). Offred’s emotional relationship with the Commander gave her the confidence to finally speak up for herself like she did before she came to the center. The ability to ask, “What’s going on,” without fearing the consequences shows Offred’s strength (Atwood 188). The Commander’s denial to tell her what is going on in the outside world, reminds Offred that even though they have an emotional connection, the...

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...sed on making a personal connection even if it was not true because her emotions and feelings were the essentials tools to survival. By remembering the past it made it more difficult to let go of it since that was the only way of life she knew. Although remembering the past made it more difficult for Offred to accept the values of the Republic, she was able to use human connection to survive this society. Her drive for human connection helped her gain an emotional connection, which shows the importance of emotions, and speak more freely, without fearing the consequences. Offred’s experience of trying to make human connections in a society that forbid them shows the readers the importance of our relationships today. Human connection is a necessity for society because it gives us the ability to speak freely about our own beliefs without fearing the consequences.

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