Lack Of Funding For Public Education Essay

Lack Of Funding For Public Education Essay

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“Che cosa vuoi con vita?” Imagine that you are a fourteen year old boy or girl growing up in Italy. You have just finished your middle school education and are in the process of transitioning to high school. However, this question that was just asked to you has nothing to do with high school at all. This Italian phrase is the equivalent of this English question: “What do you want to do with your life?” For many young Italians, high school is the starting point of their future careers unlike many high schools in the United States where you just complete a college preparatory program of study. As terrifying as this question might seem to a fourteen year old, many people would argue that these teenagers have not had enough time to make this very important life decision and the quality of students’ knowledge after receiving educations demonstrate this flaw. Even though the Italian Education system is very proactive in having its young pupil’s choose their future career paths, there is a lack of funding for public education, many high school classes in Italy are very non-individualized, and there is a lack of overall standards for the preparation of higher education which explain low success rates in Italian high schools and colleges.
Funding for public education was cut greatly throughout many countries during the 2008 recession. This was especially true for Italy when the worldwide recession took place. In 2008, expenditures for public education in Italy only composed of around 6.8 percent of Italy’s total yearly budget (Salerno). As if this wasn’t bad enough, soon after, a cut of eight million euros from public educational funding was established from 2009 until 2012 in Italy. Even though this may not appear to be a huge budget cut ...

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...determine how intelligent you really are. Most intelligence tests given in school often have this mindset and can sometimes report inaccurate data of a student’s abilities. If intelligence should be considered in this way, then many people would say that the Italian high school education system is flawed in not promoting the specific types of knowledge that will improve this kind of intelligence. However, if you consider “intelligence” to come from a variety of different areas, then the Italian high school educational system seems very revolutionary in promoting unique intelligences. Just remember that the current high school education system in Italy can be explained by a current lack of funding for public education, often non-individualized classes depending on supply and demand, as well as a lack of overall standards for the preparation of college-level education.

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