Lack of Funding for NASA Essay

Lack of Funding for NASA Essay

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In 2013 spending on NASA will be at the lowest point in the last four years because the United States government is in extreme debt. Many feel that this will lead to a halt on all space exploration and technological advancements in the world of Astronomy. In my opinion I feel that this lack of funding for NASA will thoroughly hinder progress for future generations as well as our own.
Why should scientists be impelled to work tirelessly to search the vast reaches of space? There’s one crucial answer that we all must come to terms on if we wish to ensure the continuation of the human legacy; Resources. Studies have shown that by 2030, inhabitants of our earth will need another two earths worth of resources to satisfy the constant needs of the 7 billion people around the world. Today we are using resources 44% faster than nature can regenerate. Many feel that our world is still rich with what resources we need, but this is only a contemporary statement. The reason for this is our constant dissipation of resources that are, and will always be diminishing. Humans have consistently looke...

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