The Lack Of Employment Cause Repeated Criminal Behavior Essays

The Lack Of Employment Cause Repeated Criminal Behavior Essays

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The Lack of Employment cause repeated criminal behavior
There are many US States that are implementing new early release programs for inmates. Due to the overbearing costs and overcrowding, inmates are being pushed out of prison institutions at an astonishing rate. Today, many of these individuals are finding it difficult to find employment in our poor economy. An economy that has posed difficulties for those who have a formal education and have never found themselves serving time behind bars. Ex-felons find themselves competing with so many variables, when it comes to seeking employment (Tahmincioglu 2010).

Insight on ex-felons testimonial: Johnathan Barker is an ex-felon who was released
from a Colorado prison in June 2009, and he cannot find the one thing he needs to
to keep him from going right back: a full-time, good paying job. Barker 34, lives in
a halfway house in Denver and has applied for about 60 openings. Even with his ex-
tensive background as an apartment manager before he was incarcerated on a drug-
dealing conviction, he was only able to land a part-time telemarketing job paying
$7.28 an hour. “It’s not enough to pay the bills,” he said. “I’m constantly in a hole,
and I could end up back in Jail.”
Randall Countryman, 40, of Chula Vista, California, was released in May 2009
after serving 21 years for attempted murder and armed robbery. He’s working on
getting is bachelor’s degree in business and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. But after app-
lying for 90 positions, he was able to land only a five-week temporary job with a
printing company. “People want to hire the best they can get right now,” he said.
“Someone with a felony conviction is not best you can get (Tahmincioglu 2010).”

Problems with finding emplo...

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...isonment. Convictions are processed to deem guilt; sentences are issued to jail and expel a prisoners free will, parole is granted to those perceived to have learned their lesson and are permitted to reclaim all that was lost while in prison (Von Hirsch and Roberts 2010). The question arise throughout this process is mainly “what have these prisoners learn while in prison”? Did these ex-felons learned remorse, social skills, a trade, or how to incorporate themselves into society, where they can become a valued citizen?
The process of rehabilitation could be attained for these individuals in the prison systems. This process can be realized, when reform is idealized and punishment less of motive for those who will potentially be released from prison. Indeed, this has been a topic of discussion for years, an initiative that must be consummated for growth and progress.

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