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Lack Of Early Childhood Education Essay

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The lack of early childhood education in the Hispanic community is a colossal social injustice. Early childhood education resources, including head starts, preschool programs, and high-quality childcare are difficult to find and become a part of in Hispanic communities. This social injustice affects individuals (micro level), Families (mezzo level), and the Hispanic Society of America (macro level). Due to the ample economic growth of the Hispanic population the United States has begun looking more seriously into early childhood education. “Hispanics have become the largest and fastest-growing racial/ethnic minority in the United States. “Hispanics accounted for about one-half of the net population growth of 9.4 million over the period and represented more than one out of eight of the 290.8 million people in the nation.” (Collins, Ribeiro, 2004). There are three predominant issues when discussing early childhood education needs of Hispanic families and why they are not receiving these services. The first one focuses on workforce complexities and the demand for childcare to help support low-income- working parents. The second deals with immigration status, workforce status of immigrant families, and the economic hardships faced by children of immigrants. “The third comes from the educational challenges facing the Hispanic population throughout their life span, including acculturation as it relates to difficulties faced by Spanish-language learners whose native or dominant language is something other than English.”(Garcia,1995). Due to these contentions many Hispanic children are not receiving an adequate early education that has been proven through evidence-based research to affect the child’s later education and life success.
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...out their teaching careers, this helps them learn how to teach the children with emotional, behavioral, and developmental disabilities before the children reach school age. This also helps these children who are struggling due to environmental factors at home, language barriers, or learning disabilities get straightened out before they attend kindergarten. “Neighborhood characteristics also influence children 's development through the construct of institutional–family connectedness.” (Sampson, 1992). A child’s neighborhood is where they are first introduced to their peers and their role models. If their neighborhoods are stricken with child maltreatment and domestic violence, this is going to create an impact on the child. Having a safe place to learn and experience new things can open the child up and build their self-esteem that will greatly affect their futures.

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