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Lack Of Diversity Within The Media Essays

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however what is considered beautiful by some is not considered as beauty when discussing diversity within the media. Society is based on criticism of judging one’s characters body, shape and or race/ethnics background. In the media the society only sees one type that is only focused on perfection to the mind; however within the United States, it is very typical in that the media lacks ethnic representation, cultural identity and gender inequalities. There are no ethnic representation when it comes to the media world and that the media has been trained to believe that the ethnic groups are not valuable. African Americans and Hispanics writers are the minority group when it comes to a social group. According to journalist Prince and Television critic Deggans “CNN , let go one of its most high-profile anchor of color, Soledad O’Brien, replaced her with a white man, Chris Cuomo. Wolf Blitzer gave up one of his hours to another white man, Tapper. Though Zucker met with both National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalist to try and address their concerns, there has been no overt sign from CNN that it is bringing on any more anchors of color, ”(Mirkinson p.1).
Ethnicity and appearance has become a tremendous problem in the media due to the fact that they try to use it as a power to control creativity of abstaining the truth in media. According to journalist Nishijima, A, she refers to the Oscars and explains that it is very absurd how the media is slowly progression in lacking diversity. This was recognized when watching the Oscars and seeing that based off predominantly white nominees. Nishijima quotes “Boone Isaacs decl...

... middle of paper ... social problem. The public response through a negative fashion as a way of saying only particular group of genders or ethnicity is disfigured. In the United States diversity in the media has a big effect on a person and causes a misconceptions of an individual 's and perspective of another individual. An overall Solutions for lack of diversity could consist of distributing the issue to a larger audience; however, lack of media diversity solutions have not be implemented yet. My choice of making lack of diversity in media, is fully understanding these” disfigured” communities. The only way for it to be diverse is the end the stereotypical thoughts of one 's ethnicity or gender is to accept the fact that people have different ethnic backgrounds and they come in all different shapes, color and sizes, and society should not discriminate against minority groups.

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