Lack of Creativity in the Medieval Period Essay

Lack of Creativity in the Medieval Period Essay

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Lack of ego, violence, and unproductiveness were some of the few characteristics Manchester attributed to the medieval mind. During this period of history, the people lacked creativity and only used the mechanisms that were created by the generations before. Violence helped noblemen rise to define themselves while the creative ones took generations to build a cathedral because they only cared about glorifying God. Knowing their identity in life was irrelevant. Peasants were unaware of the world outside the common since they all lived and died without ever leaving their birthplace.
Violence was often seen during this period in history. Homicides were twice more as frequent than accidents themselves and one out of the hundred murderers was brought to justice. Becoming a criminal was even pursued and during tournaments for “entertainment and exercise,” knights would arm themselves and abduction and turmoil would take place. Blood was often shed and even death occurred.
Henry IV had received a punishment for appointing a bishop without the pope’s consent. This punishment was to excommunicate Henry which brought him to his knees. Excommunication was the worst punishment a Christian could have as it was a suspension from the religious committee. After hearing those words, Henry begged for pardon which was later granted after he spent three days kneeling in the snows of Canossa outside the papal castle. The pope pardoned him but in a few years conflict came again upon Henry and the pope.
The German princes and people supported Luther’s reformations due to political and economical reasons rather than religious ones. The church’s selling indulgences has used up most of the people’s money and had left them in poverty. People also saw th...

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...ascimento which in French also meant revive and birth. Aristotelian learning (logic, natural science, etc) began to reappear and had been blended with the doctrine of the church. It marked the end of the dull medieval life and the beginnings of intelligence and arts.
Followers of Protestantism agreed on the corrupt ways of the church and the renunciation of papal authorities. However Protestantism divided due to the major issue that Luther, unable to understand the concept of moral freedom, believed that God is the one who controls every action that one does but man cannot change since God is almighty and omniscient. Others disagreed with Luther as they questioned as to why they went to church and resisted temptation if their fate was already predestined. Arguments arose and were never settled therefore divided Protestantism in the Lutheran Church and the Reformed.

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