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Lack Of Compliance With Medication Essay

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Lack of compliance with medication is associated with quicker relapse in a patient. Medication is considered one of the fundamentals during the treatment of patients suffering form a mental illness. However, the use of coercion with patients who are competent but refusing treatment may have an impact on the therapeutic relationships, destroying trust and leading to patients being reluctant to be open about their symptoms and to ask for help (Haw et al., 2011). In some of the countries like Netherlands, the administration of medication by injection is termed as one of the forms of serious violation of an individual’s body, in contrast to the use of mechanical restraint methods which are dislike in other countries like the United Kingdom. In Europe and the Western world, the issue of legislation concerning forced medication is being addressed. This fact suggests that there is recognition of the seriousness and ethical uncertainty of the procedures used to administer forced medication. There has been much investigation about the effectiveness of forced medication for people suffering mental illnesses but this has not been scrutinized closely or frequently and neither have alternatives been explored. Forced medication is an option across international inpatient settings. Despite this, the use of coercive measures has important implications for help-seeking and engagement with mental health services and the stigmatization of people with mental illness (Jarrett et al., 2008).
Poorer compliance with treatment
Professionals in any psychiatric institution need to be highly trained in their administration of coercive medication and their use should be tightly regulated and monitored as well. However, the use of any form of coercive measur...

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...pected to take patient’s view into consideration. Patients having the document frequently express a wish not to receive particular medication. It can also be argued that coercive treatment of psychiatric patients only seemingly conflict with considerations f autonomy, like in all cases where patients are not capable of making autonomous decisions (Sjöstrand & Helgesson, 2008). It is not clear, however, that there is no autonomous will to consider regarding patients who are clearly diagnosed as mentally ill. We cannot ignore the fact that mentally ill patients can choose autonomously regarding certain things such as what food to eat, or what clothes to wear even though sometimes they may even be suffering from severe mental illnesses. And even if they cannot, autonomy considerations might nevertheless put restrictions on when coercive treatment is ethically justified.

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