Essay on Lack Funding And Overcrowding Urban Schools

Essay on Lack Funding And Overcrowding Urban Schools

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Imagine going to school one day, and you find out that your teacher is being laid off because the school can not afford to keep them. Your school has decided to triple the amount of students in one class. Urban education has been impacted tremendously by insufficient funding, and overcrowding schools. Urban schools are insufficiently funded causing, smaller amounts of teaching staff, outdated supplies, and poor building conditions. Urban schools are also overcrowded, which causes stressful working conditions and negative effects on classroom activities. The current issues are negatively affecting students academically in urban schools. Insufficient funding and overcrowding urban schools are greatly impacting urban education.

Urban schools are located in large cities filled with plethora of students that grow up in poverty. The American Government is underfunding urban schools that are filled with students that cannot afford to move around to receive better education. The U.S. Census Bureau stated, “K – 12 public education systems face the challenge of educating extraordinarily high numbers of students in poverty. Using the U.S. Census standard, the national average for child poverty in the nation’s public schools is 16%. Nine states have child poverty rates of over 20%,
with Mississippi at 26% and Louisiana and Washington, D.C. at 25% (U.S. Census Bureau)” (Baker, Sciarra & Farrie, 2010). Urban schools are experiencing inconsistent amount of staff members. The urban schools are decreasing the amount of staff members due to insufficient funding. “On average each year, high-poverty public schools—especially those in urban areas— lose 20% of their faculty (Ingersoll, 2004)” (Simon & Jonson, 2013). This directly impacts upon the st...

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... and stressed due to lack of supplies, which leads to teacher burnout. Teachers don’t have time to answer individual questions. “Teachers as as result have to focus on the issues of the class as a whole without being able to focus on the individual problems of each student. Some schools force students to have classes in poorly maintained facilities, which contribute to the lower learning abilities of the students (Dept. Of Education, 2000)” (Tenorio). Overcrowding of class rooms causes shortages of supplies. Urban students have to share school supplies with other students. Students have to share computers, books, and other supplies. Overcrowded classes cause stressful conditions and cause negative effects on classroom activities.

All in all, insufficient funding and over crowding of urban schools is badly impacting the education that the students are receiving.

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