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The Labyrinth And A Monster Essay

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Denial is one of those emotions that leads to personal problems as well as community problems. When not dealt with it can lead to suffering, isolation, and family dysfunction. In the Labyrinth and A Monster Calls both characters are shown to the reader or watcher that a person can overcome their denial, suffering, family dysfunction, and isolation because with these things a person can grow into a mature being and have a deeper understanding of one’s self.
Sarah in the Labyrinth has a denial of growing up. In the first scene the watcher sees her playing dress up in the park reciting lines (Labyrinth). The watcher sees “books such as The Wizard of Oz” all through her room (Carroll 104). The conflict that starts the lesson for Sarah is she finds her step brother Toby with her stuffed animal and she throws a fit, sending him to Jareth the goblin king (Labyrinth). The magical journey Sarah goes through is really “through her own subconscious” (Carroll 104). While Connor from A Monster Calls faces denial in the form of his mother who is facing a terrible sickness will be okay (Ness). Connor does not see any reason to why his grandmother is there, he believes his mother and him does not need her (Ness). There is a yew tree that Connor believes to be a “monster” but in actuality it is his subconscious thought. There are times in the story where he does not know if the damage that was done was him or the tree (Ness).
The actions of Sarah has a lasting impact on other characters. The thought of babysitting Toby was “an untold burden of slavery” in Sarah’s mind (Carroll 105). Her fit she threw caused him to be taken be goblins. He ended up being away from home in strange territory, with weird people looking after him. Then there is Hog...

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...em know. We have had a lot of text talks that went for hours sometimes, and sometimes on the weekends. I felt a connection with Connor and Sarah. I know what is like to have a loved one in the hospital not knowing if they are going to make it, just had to play it by ear. I see Sarah’s part as well where growing up is not ideal. I want to stay young forever, when I grow up the real world is right there waiting. I get it stay with the toys and movies where there is no stress.
In conclusion dealing with denial, isolation, suffering, and family dysfunction can grow a person into a mature being with deeper understanding of one’s self. Both characters overcame their emotional battles and came out better people. Books and stories have a deeper meaning than just entertainment. People can conquer the inward battles, especially if they let people who care into their struggle.

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