Labour Party and the New Liberalist Ideas Essay

Labour Party and the New Liberalist Ideas Essay

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Social Democracy is a political ideology referring to multiple areas in Europe during the early 20th century. Democracy is a term founded in Greece. A democracy is rule by the people, for the people. A social democracy was formed in the 1870s up until the time of World War I, the ultimate goal of a social democracy in Europe during the time between the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II was to create equality through human change and help the people lead themselves into lives of equality. Equality is a goal many nations during the early 20th century were trying to achieve. Social democracy after William returned from World War I and during the interwar period was largely comprised of the New Liberalist ideas and the Labour Movement.
England: 1935. Just seventeen years after the ‘end ’ of World War I and less than four years away from the beginning of World War II, England was in the midst of great growth. England had experienced changes in their economy, their politics, and the ways of life of the British people (reword?). Whether these changes were positive or negative, the lives of the British population would have changed immensely. Throughout William’s young adult life, he has lived in different places, and had different jobs. But before World War I, William left France and came back to his homeland, England hoping to find a job. William worked as a shipbuilder while he was in France, but he eventually lost his job . While the cost of living continually rose , William suffered. During the height of World War I, William enlisted in the British army. Years after World War I came to a halt, William was living in England. In the years prior, when William was traveling for work, he felt he had no sense of belong...

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... .
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Note: This is accessible when one has internet access. The website is very easy to use and it is very reliable.
Michie, R. C., and Philip Williamson. The British Government and the City of London in the Twentieth Century. New York: Cambridge UP, 2004. Print.
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Note: I had not heard of this author, but the publisher is very well know, which established credibility. I received a copy of this source through the Xavier Library.
Overy, Robert. "Strategic Intelligence and the Outbreak of the Second World War." War in History 5.4 (1998): 451-80. Print.
Accessibility: 5
Reliability: 5
Note: I had not heard of this author, but after some research I found he is a well know British historian. He has spent most of his time studying World War II.

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