Labor Relations: Collective Bargaining Agreements Essay

Labor Relations: Collective Bargaining Agreements Essay

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Collective Bargaining
Collective bargaining is the process which involves negotiation on the employment’s terms between the employer and employees. The employment terms possibly include the items like working conditions, employment conditions and workplace rules, overtime pay, base pay, work hours, work holidays, shift length, vacation time, sick leave, health care benefits and retirement benefits.
In US, the collective bargaining is done among the leaders of labor union and the company’s management that employ the workers for the union. The outcome of the process is known as the collective bargaining agreement, and it also developed the employment rules that are set for several years. The expenses of this representation of employee are paid by the members of the union in form of the dues. The process of collective bargaining might include the employee lockouts or labor strikes if they have trouble in reaching an agreement (Dannin, 99).
The small organizations which have the union of employees generally go through the process of collective bargaining with the union leaders in every few years to set the conditions and terms which permit the organization for utilizing the union labor. A single firm can have the distinct classification of employees according to the skill level they have and their role in the organization. The organizations generally have to conform to the agreement they have with the unions till the term of the contract unless the union consent to renegotiate the terms and conditions before the expiration of the original agreement.
The four issues that are considered the mandatory components of the collective bargaining agreement are listed and discussed below:
• Compensation Packages
• Rights of the worker
• Right...

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