Essay about Labor Market Discrimination Against Men With Disabilities

Essay about Labor Market Discrimination Against Men With Disabilities

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6. Baldwin, Marjorie, and William G. Johnson. 1994. “Labor Market Discrimination against Men with Disabilities.” The Journal of Human Resources 29(1): 1–19.
Research Question: This study questions whether men with disabilities and men with impairments have lower employment rates and job wages, due to prejudice and discriminatory acts. This project in interested in finding out the modifications in wages and the bias views on disabled men.
Research Theory: Since people with disabilities have health complications that can affect their ability to work, employers opt out of hiring them, because altering things at the job may be more expensive than hiring a person without disabilities. After the ADA was passed, it was illegal for jobs to discriminate against qualified people with disabilities. Although the discrimination still exist, in this project researchers are trying to figure out the income gap and the effects of it.
Research Hypothesis: There are two research hypotheses in this project: a qualified man with disabilities is prone to wage discrimination and wage discrimination is based on other sources such as time on the job and age.
Research Method: This project used the Tringo scale to study different impairments that may be subject to prejudice. The project tested three different categories of workers and the differences in wages for the three groups. There were procedures used to calculate the wage discrimination and there was research done on the employment effects. Thousands of men who had disabilities were interviewed due to the fact that they were facing the effects of wage discrimination.
Research Findings: In the project it was found that prejudicial wage differences were relatively high for men with impairments. By elim...

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...hire so they are often taken advantage of.
Research Method: After obtaining information from the 1972 Social Security Survey of Disabled and Non-Disabled adults, a sample of 3612 men and 1775 women were reviewed. This information was used in hopes of finding a correlation between handicap and non-handicapped individuals and their earnings. A principal component analysis of 34 components was used in order to determine a correlation between earnings and multiple impairments.
Research Findings: In the project it was found that impairments can limit a person’s ability to work. Researchers found that the wage discrimination against handicapped workers did exist, handicapped men were offered substantially less money and handicapped women were offered even less. As if not bad enough, sex discrimination also plays a factor in the wage differences of handicapped individuals.

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