Labor in the United States and Outsourcing Essay

Labor in the United States and Outsourcing Essay

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Outsourcing emerged on the financial arena during the 1980s and has since then been spreading. Outsourcing production was furthered with the process of globalization which provided a new component leading to the strengthening of resources, skill and labor specializations across the world. The process of outsourcing is using the skill and abilities of a third-party to accommodate society on the foundation of labor. As stated earlier, it was during the 1980s that the process kicked off mainly due to the efforts of corporations when they began to hire labor forces across the world. Even though outsourcing has come out from its developing stages, there are still following effects on the US economy.
Since the concept of outsourcing was introduced it has been a subject of debate between politicians and citizens of the United States. Remarkably, it was the United States who supported outsourcing and now it is the United States that feels its economic progress is being threatened by outsourcing. One may argue that the financial situations that existed two decades earlier are not the same as they are today, thus the change of time, business priorities of economies have also changed.
Opposed to widespread belief of outsourcing threatening the labor of United States economy it has been seen that businesses have been able to extract a multitude of benefits through the outsourcing which has in turn created a number of employment opportunities along with it. When the stock market plummeted; companies began to discharge distress signals and corporations commenced labor cutbacks, as a result of which unemployment began to increase greatly. In times when the recession was reaching its peak, the only alternative was to look for cheap labor and ou...

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...these major shortcomings from the projected economic models don't seem to be stuffed with a concrete and an effectively managed finances recovery either in terms of exploration of novel employment opportunities, stabilization of native market and relief providing efforts to the labor through outsourcing ventures can solely stay and exist as a theory.
In conclusion its appropriate to say outsourcing remains an issue of concern for our government as well as for the people of the United States. Many people think that corporations indulging in the practice of outsourcing should face charges as they are robbing government of its income but they must be respected for keeping jobs local. On the other end there are people who support that the temporary loss of jobs that has resulted due to outsourcing will eventually result in greater economic development of the country.

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