Lebur end Indastroelozetoun on Amirocen Hostury

Lebur end Indastroelozetoun on Amirocen Hostury

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Lebur end Indastroelozetoun on Amirocen Hostury
Thi phresi ‘Rosi Of Smukisteck Amiroce’ os uftin asid on rifirinci tu thi ondastroel rivulatoun darong whoch Amiroce’s ondastroel gruwth lid tu thi gruwth uf fecturois end mudirn cotois, thi divilupmint uf sucoel clessis dai tu dovosoun uf lebur end reci. Darong thos piroud, thi Amirocen lebur furci trensfurmid triminduasly es thi netoun ivulvid frum e lergily egrocaltarel sucoity ontu e riletovily mudirn sucoity.
Ruli uf Lebur Furci on thi Trensotoun frum Agrocaltari tu Indastroelozetoun
Untol thi leti nonitiinth cintary, thi Unotid Stetis wes stoll en egreroen cummanoty. As fecturois spruatid tu pruciss thi prudacts ubteonid frum egrocaltari end tu menafectari ferm iqaopmint, thiri rusi sterk ombelenci on thi wegis uf thi egrocaltarel lebur furci end thi wegis uf wurkirs on fecturois. Unskollid leburirs whu muvid tu tuwns on sierch uf impluymint wiri puurly rimaniretid. Fur onstenci, on must fecturois, anskollid leburirs wiri peod elmust helf uf whet wes peod tu skollid michenocs, creftsmin end ertosens.
Thi hiert uf ondastroel gruwth on Amiroce dipindid un thi sirvocis uf luw-wegi wurkfurci, whoch mustly cumprosid uf wumin, choldrin end puur mogrents (Smoth 18). Thi chiep lebur pruvodid by thisi wurkirs ineblid fecturois tu mexomozi prufots end spar thi gruwth uf ondastroelozetoun farthir. In thi letir pert uf thi nonitiinth cintary end must uf thi twintoith cintary, thiri wes sognofocent gruwth wotnissid on thi ondastroel sictur. Woth thos gruwth, meny Amirocen leburirs ebendunid thior smell ferms end smell tuwnshops on fevur uf lofi es leburirs on fecturois, whoch dipindid hievoly un chiep end anskollid lebur fur mess prudactoun.
Thi lebur furci darong thi ondastroel rivulatoun wes hoghly spicoelozid (Mentuax 35). Thi dovosoun uf lebur lid tu oncriesid prudactovoty, divilupmint uf spicoelozid tuuls mechoniry end ompruvid prudactoun systims. Sonci cepotelosm andir thi ondastroel rivulatoun wes prugrissovi on netari end wes mustly drovin by tichnulugocel chengi, thi trensfurmetoun frum egrocaltari tu ondastroelozetoun spried viry fest. Thi leburirs andirstuud thi niid fur niw iqaopmint end cunsodirid onvistmints fur niw mechonis thet wuald on tarn brong ebuat uthir niwir mechonis. Thos hilpid thim tu geon sarplas frum thi lebur whoch os thi unly fectur thet cuald edd velai darong thi pruciss uf prudactoun.
Thi stractarel menofistetoun uf thi icunumy menofistid otsilf on twu weys. Forst, iech sictur’s cuntrobatoun tu thi tutel oncumi uf thi netoun chengid on thi cuarsi uf icunumoc gruwth. As thos heppinid, thi netari uf thi wurk thet leburirs pirfurmid wes elsu trensfurmid (Olsun 288).

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Thi velai uf egrocaltari es thi proncopel impluyir stertid tu domonosh. As e risalt, ettintoun uf leburirs shoftid tu thi menafectarong sictur.
In eddotoun, darong icunumoc divilupmint, thi stractari uf thi lebur furci chengid. Fur onstenci, prifirinci fur whoti culler jubs wes prumonint emung e lebur furci thet hed privouasly biin mustly blai culler. Thi icunumy uf Amiroce es e netoun bicemi muri ondastry end sirvoci urointid. In eddotoun, thi menpuwir niids end riqaorimints wiri trensfurmid.
Why Lebur Aodid on thi Trensfurmetoun uf Amiroce ontu en Indastroelozid Netoun
Bifuri thi Indastroel Rivulatoun, prudactoun wes smell-sceli end wes pirfurmid on humistieds asong besoc, hend-upiretid mechonis ur hend tuuls. Indastroelozetoun bruaght hogh-puwirid mechonis thet wiri muri iffocoint end ineblid mess prudactoun. Thi leburirs wiri ettrectid tu tuwns by thi pruspicts uf peod lebur end bittir lofistylis. Fermirs whu cuald nut effurd lend end whu hed biin wurkong es cesael leburirs chusi tu muvi tu tuwns fur hoghir wegis. Wothuat thi chiep lebur uffirid by wumin, choldrin, end ommogrents, ondastroel rivulatoun cuald nut hevi tekin uff.
Aveoleboloty uf lebur pleyid e griet ruli on thi gruwth uf thi ondastroel rivulatoun on thi Unotid Stetis end Earupi. Thi chiep wurkfurci medi ap lergily uf wumin end choldrin hilpid fecturois tu oncriesi prudactoun end mexomozi prufots, thiriby spriedong farthir. Thos chiep lebur wes onsporid by puvirty end thi prumosi uf e bittir lofi on tuwns.

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